Monday, July 22, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Tracking Ranks in a Tournament


( by Philip Dobrikin )

Hey all
I have a sheets file  I am using to track points in a series of poker tournaments. I want it to be set up as 2 sheets that share 2 common columns
Sheet 1
column A: Name; Players name sorted alphabetically
columns B through Q: Points; Numeric, points each player earns each tournament (1 column per tournament)
column R: Total; Sum of columns B to R
Data on this sheet is sorted by column A alphabetically
Sheet 2
Column A: Place; Numeric ranking, locked
Column B: Name: players names (same data as Sheet 1 column A)
Column C: Total; same Data as Sheet 1 Column R Sorted Z-A
Data on this sheet is sorted based on Column C Z-A
I want it so data can be added to Sheet 1, which then automatically populates Sheet 2 sorted by the points total.
How do I set this up?


Have a look at the following screenshots:


Sheet1 is having only Data and no formulas..


I have the following formula in Cell B1 of Sheet2:
=query('Sheet1'!A:R;"select A,R where A<>'' order by R desc";1)

And the following formula in Cell A1:

The above two formulas generate the rankings on Sheet2.

Note: First insert formula in Cell B1 and then insert the formula in Cell A1.

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