Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Function Match


I am looking for the proper formula to verify data from a single column in one sheet, compare it to the next sheet for matches and when a match is found report as such in a seperate cell of that sheet. Basic example, Column A has employee names on all sheets, whenever the next sheet is updated I want to know if the person has appeared on a prior sheet and have that post to column b as Repeat: Yes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Now, suppose we have the following data in 'Sheet1':

And if you want to check in 'Sheet2' whether the name already exists in Column A of 'Sheet1', then put the following formula in Cell B1 of 'Sheet2':


So now, as you can see in the screenshot above of 'Sheet2', you will have "Yes" in Column B, if the name in Column A of 'Sheet2' already exists in Column A of 'Sheet1'.

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