Monday, July 22, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Extracting Text using ImportHtml


( by raymears )

I have no clue how to separate data pulled in from lists on a web page. Here is my spreadsheet:

My importhtml cell is E2, it references I2 for the URL.

All the data I am most interested in is in the 2nd cell of the returned list. (The one with Solo 5v5 at the top)

My goal would be to grab the second line as text for it's own cell [Silver III], and for the remaining four lines just grabbing the numbers. Telling Google Docs to ignore everything else seems tough, I don't even know where to start really.

Any insight would be a great help, googling query/select/where is pretty confusing since it never works with lists or cells with multiple lines, etc.

I don't even know if this is possible. If you want more information don't hesitate to contact me.



Have a look at the following screenshot:

I have the following formula in Cell B14:
=split(index(importhtml(I2, "list", 3),2);char(10))

I have the following formula in Cell B16:
=arrayformula(substitute(substitute(substitute(split(index(importhtml(I2, "list", 3),2);char(10));" League Points";"");" Wins";"");" Losses";""))

I have the following formula in Cell B18:
=query(arrayformula(substitute(substitute(substitute(split(index(importhtml(I2, "list", 3),2);char(10));" League Points";"");" Wins";"");" Losses";""));"select Col2,Col3,Col4,Col5,Col6")

The link in the Cell I2:

Here is the Webpage:

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