Friday, July 12, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Choose Function


( by Darren Thatcher )

Requirement: months Jan, Feb, Mar are in quarter Q3; Apr, May, Jun are in quarter Q4; etc

How do I do the equivalent of the following pseudo-code:

case (value of MONTH(cell to the left))
   1 OR 2 OR 3)   insert "Q3" into this cell
   4 OR 5 OR 6)   insert "Q4" into this cell
   7 OR 8 OR 9)   insert "Q1" into this cell
   10 OR 11 OR 12)   insert "Q2" into this cell


Have a look at the following screenshot:

I have the following formula in Cell B2:


the above formula will auto display the quarter for each row as I have used ArrayFormula.

If you want to have the formula for only single cell, then here is it:


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