Saturday, July 13, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Advanced Vlookup Formula To Auto Populate Data From Another Sheet


( by Maggie O'Toole )

Hey There, 
I'm trying to create a google docs  spreadsheet to work out of for my business. 
I want to be able to select an item from the data validation dropdown list i've already created and have the rest of the cells fill in for me. The data validation works great but I want to have the other information follow when a vendor is selected (ie phone #, business hours, website that are listed in the second sheet "Vendors")
Is this possible? 
Thanks for the help. 


Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet 'PICK UP FORM'

Put the following formula in the Cell F11 of Sheet 'PICK UP FORM'


the above formula will auto populate the remaining fields that need to be imported from sheet 'Vendors'

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