Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Counting in Arrayformula


by David.J.A )

a simple formula I would like as a column heading with an array formula, but it's not working.

=IF(Countif(E2:J2,"No")=6,"Ready","Not Ready") << this formula works. If it counts 6 No's, status is ready. Else it's not ready.

When I try to put it in an arrayformula it doesn't work. :(

=Arrayformula(IF(Row(P:P)=1;"Ready for check?";IF(Countif(E1:E:J1:J,"No")=6,"Ready","Not Ready")))

That's what i've tried, now I'm sure the reference E1:E:J1:J is wrong for a start,


Have a look at the following screenshot:

I have inserted the following formula in Cell P1:
=Arrayformula(IF(Row(P:P)=1;"Ready for check?";IF((E:E="No")*(F:F="No")*(G:G="No")*(H:H="No")*(I:I="No")*(J:J="No"),"Ready","Not Ready")))

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