Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating an IF ELSEIF functoin for Google Spreadsheet

Creating an IF ELSEIF functoin for Google Spreadsheet.

Here is what I am trying to do... I have a list of numbers (1-5) in cell A1 on my main sheet that are in the form of a Data Validation drop down menu.  That Data Validation is being generated with the data from cells A1-5 on another sheet named NUMBERS.  Also on the NUMBERS sheet are the numbers 10%-50% in cells B1-5.  I would like to create a function for cell B1 on the main sheet that tells it to display the data from cell B5 on the NUMBERS sheet, if the the number 5 is selected from the Data Validation in cell A1 on the main sheet.

So, if I select the number 3 from the Data Validation in cell A1, then B1 displays the number 30%.  2 returns 20%, 1 returns 10% and so on.


You have to put the following formula in cell B1 (of "MAIN" sheet):


You can also put the following formula in Cell B1 (of "MAIN" sheet) to get your result:

Following is the screenshot of "MAIN" sheet

And following is the screenshot of "NUMBERS" sheet.

I hope the above solution will help you, and if you need more help then please do comment below on this blog itself I will try to help you out.

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  1. Kishan, this is useful to an extent. Let me complicate this further:
    On the main spreadsheet I have the list of 1-10 in column A. On Numbers sheet I have 3,5,6,8,10 in column A. and a set of values in column B. I would like to copy the values from Numbers!B to the main sheet on column B based on the equivalent number on Numbers!A.

  2. use vlookup, with the table being numbera!A:B and the index being main:A


  3. Can someone help me find the fault in this code?

    =if(AND(B2 = "buy",I2 != "NIL"),(if(I2-C2>C2*0.02),(C2+(C2*0.015)),(if(I2-C2>C2*0.0175),(C2+(C2*0.125)),(if(I2-C2>C2*0.015),(C2+(C2*0.01)),(if(I2-C2>C2*0.0125),(C2+(C2*0.0075)),(if(I2-C2>C2*0.01),(C2+(C2*0.005)),"NIL"))))),(if(C2-I2>C2*0.02),(C2-(C2*0.015)),(if(C2-I2>C2*0.0175),(C2-(C2*0.0125)),(if(C2-I2>C2*0.15),(C2-(C2*0.01)),(if(C2-I2>C2*0.125),(C2-(C2*0.075)),(if(C2-I2>C2*0.075),(C2-(C2*0.001)),"NIL"))))))

  4. i want to punch you in the face for how fucking stupid your tutorial is, i get it but your whole demonstration is shit.