Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to hide a sheet of a spreadsheet from view

How to hide a sheet of a spreadsheet from view

Google spreadsheets allows you to take individual sheets out of view by hiding the sheet. This feature is particularly useful if you have individual sheets that are old, rarely used, or are placeholders for calculations used by other sheets and you may have several other reasons so you may think these sheets must remain hidden.

Hiding a sheet does not mean the same as protecting a sheet. All users, with whom spreadsheet is shared, will be able to unhide and view these sheets. And spreadsheet viewers will not be able to view hidden sheets.

Following are the steps to hide a sheet in your spreadsheet:

Step 1) Click on the sheet tab that you want to hide (at the bottom left side of your spreadsheet).

Look at the screenshot below:

Then select "Hide sheet" from that menu. Note: If your spreadsheet does not have two or more sheets, then you may not see this option.

After following these steps, your sheet will be hidden from view.

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