Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looking up data based on other values without nesting ifs

Looking up data based on other values without nesting ifs

I am using the values in columns G-J to lookup data in columns B-E and place it columns L-O,  I am doing this by "nesting ifs" in formulas in columns L-O.   (the data in B-E and G-J) is actually brought in from external sources, but for simplicity sake, is static in the example spreadsheet).

I am looking to expand this to about 20 columns of data and values (in the future, there may be more columns of data than volumes).

Is there a way to do this without nesting ifs.....I am sure I will hit a limit on google's nesting, and it's a lot of work to change all the time.

Here is the screenshot of the spreadsheet:


Here is the formula for all cells in range L3:O15

I hope this will help you to get rid of nested ifs formulas. 

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