Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bug found in Google SpreadSheet when you have more than 101 rows

I tested this issue repeatedly by deleting and adding rows and then selecting whole data by pressing "ctrl + A", and what I found is:

If you are having row up to 101 then its not a issue at all.

But when you are having rows more than 101 but not more than 150 and if you select all then actually it will select all but it will show as if you have selected only up to row 101, and display as if rows below 101 are not selected. Even if you then just select range B102 to D121, it will not be highlighted as this range has been selected, but if you copy it (ctrl + c) and then go to some other cell and paste it you will notice that it has copied the data and it is functioning properly.

And if you are having rows more than 151 but not more than 200 and if you try to select all (ctrl + A), then it will show as if you have selected only upto row 151, but not below it. And this goes on in the multiples of 50.

Actually while selecting these cells, they are not displayed as selected (not highlighted) but they are selected.

Note: if you have 233 rows (even if you have data only in the first row, may be only in one Cell A1, it will consider last row no. 233), and if you select all by "ctrl A" it will select up to rows 201 only and not below it.

This blog has been posted at 4:30 A.M. (IST) as on 19th August 2012. May be when you read this blog GOOGLE might have recityfied it.

I hope this bug will be fixed soon by GOOGLE.

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