Thursday, August 16, 2012

Google spreadsheet normal view disappears and only grey screen appears

While opening a spreadsheet, you may notice that, it opens normally but only for a second, then the page goes blank, "grey screen appears", leaving the title and tabs on top and the row numbers along the side, but nothing else. Following is the screenshot:

It seems there is a some problem with Google Docs.

But here is a solution, you can see the spreadsheet by following these steps

1) Go to the View menu.

2) Then, point your mouse to Freeze columns....
3) Select Freeze 3 columns option.

After performing these steps, you will be able to view and edit data.

Notice: if you freeze 1 or 2 columns - only these columns will be seen. Full spreadsheet becomes visible with 3 columns frozen.

I hope the above solution will help you to open your spreadsheet normally, and I hope GOOGLE DOCS will figure out this issue soon.


  1. Thanks a lot Kishan, I was searching for this fix.

  2. Thanks also. Have just had this issue in April 2014 so not fixed yet!

  3. Thank you but this solution does not work with merged columns. There are so many merged columns and these make sens throughout my spreadsheet that I want to keep them. Can you help further please?