Friday, August 17, 2012

Importing a Range of one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet

If you want to refer a cell to a Spreadsheet from different Spreadsheet, then here is the formula which will do your job:


ImportRange is a function which is extremely helpful when you have to call in the data from other spreadsheet. It is used to synchronize the master spreadsheet and the spreadsheets from which data is fetched.


Here "0AmMTqpzD9YRndEZTTV9XNWpEaGM1RHJqY0ZIY3RTVnc" is the key of the Spreadheet, which you can find in the URL.

And if you want to import range "A1:C3" of Sheet "my Sheet" from one Spreadsheet to another one then here is the formula for that:

=ImportRange("0AmMTqpzD9YRndEZTTV9XNWpEaGM1RHJqY0ZIY3RTVnc","my Sheet!A1:C3")

I hope this post helps you to understand the basics concept of ImportRange function.

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