Monday, August 27, 2012

How to sum a column that has "--" values.

How to sum a column that has "--" values.


The SUM formula at cell N2 results in "--"

This is because the CONTINUE function in E147 resulting from the VLOOKUP formula in E3 is yeilding a "--" (which is a result of the actions on the HTML Lookup sheet.)

Is there any way to get the sum formula to ignore errors and "--" results and sum the valid numerical results?


Instead of =sum(N3:N162) , Try =SUM(FILTER(N3:N162;ISNUMBER(N3:N162)))

So to exclude all non-numerical values, Instead of using formula =SUM(F10:F15), you must use =SUM(FILTER(F10:F15;ISNUMBER(F10:F15)))

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