Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Comparing amount of cells in order to determine a result

Comparing amount of cells in order to determine a result

Player A and B play 3 sets in a game. The scores of those sets are represented in columns B3 through D4 like this:

On row 6, in a merged B-D cell, I want to calculate a winner based upon how many sets they won. If someone won 2 sets they win the game, and also if they won only 1 but the 2 other sets were tied. Likewise, in case of a tie (1 win each and 1 tied game or 3 tied games) the result should be "TIE".


In cell B5:
=IF(B3=B4;"TIE";IF(B3>B4;"Player A";"Player B"))

In cell C5:
=IF(C3=C4;"TIE";IF(C3>C4;"Player A";"Player B"))

In cell C6:
=IF(D3=D4;"TIE";IF(D3>D4;"Player A";"Player B"))

In cell B6 (merged cell):
=IF(COUNTIF(B5:D5;"Player A")>1;"Player A";IF(COUNTIF(B5:D5;"Player B")>1;"Player B";"TIE"))

Note: If you want to get the result of "Winner of Game" directly without having "Winner of Set", then here is the formula:

=IF(AND(B3=B4;C3=C4;D3=D4);"TIE";IF(AND(B3=B4;C3=C4);IF(D3>D4;"Player A";"Player B");IF(AND(B3=B4;D3=D4);IF(C3>C4;"Player A";"Player B");IF(AND(C3=C4;D3=D4);IF(B3>B4;"Player A";"Player B");IF(OR(AND(B3>B4;C3>C4);AND(C3>C4;D3>D4);AND(B3>B4;D3>D4));"Player A";IF(OR(AND(B3<B4;C3<C4);AND(C3<C4;D3<D4);AND(B3<B4;D3<D4));"Player B";"TIE"))))))

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