Paid Projects

I do work (blogging) on spreadsheet functions, formulas, queries and scripts only when I am free and don't have any other paid work.

I do accept Paid Projects, if you want me to do something urgent or confidential work for you, then you can contact me at my email address:

We can decide the price of the project depending on the work (writing small or complex scripts, or writing simple or complex formulas). I do accept the low budget projects even if project budget is as low as $10 or so...

I do accept payment via, and my Paypal ID is same as my Email Id, that is:

I hope you understand that I have to earn money to make this blog survive and I have to regularly take out some of my time to make this blog rich of content and help others.

So, you can send me email on my Email ID for any further discussion on any kind of work.



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