Saturday, October 6, 2012

Calculating Final Grades With Weighted Marks


I'm working on an assignment for my class and the question is..

11. Using a formula, calculate the final grades as a whole number out of 
100 (not a percentage).  The final grade should not have decimal places.  
Use the round function to accomplish this, rather then a formatting 
option. Use the following grading scheme 
a. Assignment 1 - 10% 
b. Assignment 2 – 15%
c. Assignment 3 – 20% 
d. Quizzes (Best 7) – 20% 
e. Final Exam – 35%

Use absolute cell referencing of the maximum marks located at the 
top of each column in the spreadsheet. DO NOT hard code maximum 
marks into the formula. 

So I need to know what the formula is that I should be using is?


Make a sheet which will have Column headers in Row 1, 'Total Marks' of assignment in Row 2, Weight of each Assignment in Row 3, and Marks obtained in Row 4.
Have a look at the screenshot below:

Put the following formula in Cell D8:

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  1. I have the same question as above. I used your solution but when i drag down the column to calculate the other 80+ grades i have to calculate the number are all messed up showing up above 100. When i use this method for each individual grade i have to calculate it works fine but doing so many will take me forever. Is there a way to just drag down and all the other grades will calculate properly?