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Google Spreadsheet formula to calculate frames from a string value


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Max Peleh )

I need to convert 00:00:09:16 like number into another format - frames, this number represents a time in Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames, for example the result of this specific converted number should be 241 (9 seconds* 25fps(or any other fps value) +16 frames), is there any way to make a formula for this?
It should look something like this 
(x-Hours*90000(frames in 1 hour) + (x-Minutes*1500(frames in minute) + x-Seconds*25(frames in second) + x-frames

Is there any way this could be possible to create in the spreadsheet?
And is there a way to apply this formula to existing document filled with these numbers without recreating the whole document / applying on each cell individually?

Thanks to anyone who will try to help me! =)


If you have the following value in Cell A1

Then put the following formula in Cell A2:
=QUERY(SPLIT(A1;":");"select ((Col1*90000)+(Col2*1500)+(Col3*25)+(Col4)) label ((Col1*90000)+(Col2*1500)+(Col3*25)+(Col4)) '' ")

The above formula will give you the output as value:

And if the value in Cell A1 is: 00:22:14:11
It will display the calculated value as: 33361

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  1. What if the value is at "frame" and I would like to convert it into the format like this "00:00:09:16" with 24 frame rate. What is the formula then? Thank you in advance for the answer :)