Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google spreadsheet how to return the column header which has lowest value


I have a row listing prices of items from various stores, using the MIN function I am able to find the lowest value, however, how can I tell what Column that came from so that I may return which store returned the lowest value?


Screenshot of the Spreadsheet:

In the above spreadsheet you can see the products are listed along with there prices row-wise, so we are having Column A with product name and then Column B to Column F are having prices from various brands.

So now to get the minimum price we can use function =MIN(B2:F2), which will give us the minimum price from range B2:F2.

So now to get the Brand name from the column header that has the lowest price listed, you can have the following formula:

Use the following formula in Cell G2:

and to avoid the blank columns or any error use the following formula:

and then drag it down as far as needed.

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