Sunday, October 7, 2012

Accumulative score in Google Spreadsheet


In a spreadsheet, how do i split a cell in half, ie, / but half the cell with a number in the top half, and an accumulative number in the bottom half.  Like cell 1 is 3, cell 2 on the same row is 2/5 which is a score plus the previous score added in bottom half, cell 3 is 1/6, cell 4 is 2/8, cell 5 is 1/9, cell 6 is 3/12.. Does this make sense to anyone?  I am on a laptop with Windows 7 and using Google drive spreadsheet. Thanks for any help.


Put the number in row 1:
I have inserted numbers 3,2,1,2,1,3 in Row 1.
Have a look at the screenshot below:

And then insert the following formula in Cell A2:

And then drag this formula to Cell B2 and as far as required.

You will notice the formula in Cell B2 as :

in Cell C2  as:

and so on....

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