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Google Spreadsheet formula to convert time in mm-ss


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I'm using Chrome on a Mac. 

I have a spreadsheet I'm using for all of my cross country athletes' data. I enter their race times and get their paces calculated. Now I'm trying to crunch some numbers but running into trouble. 

I'm working specifically with mile paces (everything is under 9:00/mile)

1. First of all, I wish I could use a m:ss format easily. But that format is not built-in right now. It's a little maddening, because it's easy to do in Excel and Numbers. I want paces to come out as 6:06. I really don't want 06:06 and definitely not 0:06:00 or 6:06:00. For now, I'm using a time format (15:59 choice) and it works. 

2. My biggest problem is I want to do some calculations and projections based on difficulty of course. I'm trying to take a bunch of paces for lots of runners and do things like add 8 seconds to get a projection for another course. I get a parse error if I do something like d6+:08. It will work if I format all cells as plain text and enter my times like 6.06 and then use my formula as d6+.08. But then I have to retype all the times I copied from my other sheets since they are all in 6:06 format. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Screenshot of the Spreadsheet:

Format all your cells as Plain Text, in which you have put the values as mm:ss and then put the values. And also format the cells in which you want the results as mm:ss

Format your Cell D6 as Plain Text and then put in the value as mm:ss format.
Now, if your Cell D6 is having value 6:06
and you want to add 8 seconds to it,
then put the following formula in Cell D20:

=IF(MOD(QUERY(SPLIT(D6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")+8;60)>9;ROUNDDOWN((QUERY(SPLIT(D6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")+8)/60)&":"&MOD(QUERY(SPLIT(D6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")+8;60);ROUNDDOWN((QUERY(SPLIT(D6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")+8)/60)&":0"&MOD(QUERY(SPLIT(D6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")+8;60))

So now Cell D20 will have the result as 6:14

I have marked the +8 in yellow so that you can easily modify it when you need to add more or less than 8 seconds

Your Cell E6 is having value 5:47
And now if you want to subtract 8 seconds from Cell E6
then put the following formula in Cell E20

=IF(MOD(QUERY(SPLIT(E6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")-8;60)>9;ROUNDDOWN((QUERY(SPLIT(E6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")-8)/60)&":"&MOD(QUERY(SPLIT(E6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")-8;60);ROUNDDOWN((QUERY(SPLIT(E6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")-8)/60)&":0"&MOD(QUERY(SPLIT(E6;":");"select ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) label ((Col1*60)+(Col2)) '' ")-8;60))

So now Cell E20 will have the result as 5:39

And similarly you can manipulate any of the cell and convert it to mm:ss format.

I hope the above solution will help you, and if you need more help then please do comment below on this blog itself, I will try to help you out.

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