Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to upload a spreadsheet on a regular basis without changing the link?

How to upload a spreadsheet on a regular basis without changing the link?

If you don't want to keep re-sending the link to share a particular document then instead of "uploading file (excel or spreadsheet) from Google Drive", you must import the file (excel or spreadsheet that you want to upload) in the existing file which you have already created and shared with your friends (collaborators) 

You can import a file in an existing spreadsheet from "File" menu and select "Import..." option, look at the screenshot below:

And after that select "Choose File" that you want import and then select the "Import action" according to your requirement, look at the screenshot below:

Doing this will allow you to update the existing spreadsheet, instead of sharing the link of newly created spreadsheet again and again.

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