Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conditional Formatting in Google Spreadsheet

Conditional Formatting in Google Spreadsheet

You can format your spreadsheet's cells on the basis of their contents. You can have condition when you want the cell's background color to turn red if it has a negative number, and to turn green if it has a positive number.

To do the conditional formatting you have to select "Conditional formatting..." from "Format" menu at Menu Bar. Have a look at the following screenshot:

And then you can select the condition that you want to have, you can also have multiple conditions and then click on "save rules".

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  1. Bizzare question - any way to plain text format within conditional formatting? I'm doing a math pre-test and need the cell to reflect fractions, but they're changing to dates. Thoughts on how to fix that? Thanks!

  2. MrsMRoom405,
    There is a drop down menu labeled "123" with different number formatting options including: rounding to a whole number, include two decimal points, various date formats, as well as plain text.