Friday, September 28, 2012

Custom filter function solution


( by Heman )

I'm sure the answer is out there 100 times, but I can't find it...
I have a worksheet with part numbers and locations in a warehouse. Say "Part #'s are in column A and "Locations" are in column B.
I want to be able to enter into cell C1 a part# that corresponds to a number somewhere in column A, and then in C2, automatically display the cell contents of the one next to that cell in A.
To further explain, If I enter 350786-Q into C1 as my part #... it finds that match in cell A42. Now I want it to display the contents of B42 in cell C2. How do I go about this?
Thanks in advance.


Put the following formula in Cell C2:


The above formula will return you the value from Column B where C1 is equal to in Column A.

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