Thursday, September 27, 2012

Split and Manipulate text in a Cell and then Join it back


Lets say I SPLIT("1 2 3", " ") which results in the list {"1", "2", "3"}, how do I apply a function to each member of the list that mutates the current value and returns a list containing the mutated values?

For example, I might want to convert the list to integers and apply multiply(X, 2) to my list and get the list {2, 4, 6}

In javascript this would look like:
"1 2 3".split(" ").map(function(x) { return parseInt(x) * 2; });

I cannot figure out how to do "map()" in spreadsheet syntax.


Let us say you have 
in Cell A1

Then put the following formula in any Cell where you want the results...

The above formula will give you the result
in a single Cell (where you insert the formula).

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