Sunday, September 15, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Query function to count rows


( by Mo S )

Here's what my sheet looks like (based on form responses).
BobMondays, Tuesdaysapproved
JoeMondays, Wednesdays
FishMondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdaysapproved

Here's what i want the results to look like:

RESULTS (on another sheet))

Basically, the query function needs to count how many ppl are available on those days that are also approved.

The query function i currently use does not consider the 3rd column becuz i dont know how to make it:s

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I am using firefox/win 7


Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet "Sheet1":

Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet "Sheet2":

In the above sheet I have the following formula in Cell A2:
=arrayformula( countif( if( 'Sheet1'!C:C = "approved" ; 'Sheet1'!B:B ; "" ) ; "*"&A1:C1&"*" ) )

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