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Google Spreadsheet Countif with multiple criteria


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Bonjour, Hello

cells  :            ListPos= UH/UV/S1/S2/DC/P/RH/RS/GRE/FG/JK/ML/DE/CV/........  (From S1 to S25......)
another List    ListC= CA / RTT /P / CET....

column A :      date : 1 janv / 2 janv / 3 janv / 4 janv / 5 janv / 6  janv / 7 janv /........
column B:  Position : UH     / DH     /         / S1      / CA      / RTT     /           /......... :  ----> cell can be clean /  can be fill from values from ListC or ListPos

so  B column B has elements from the ListPos and ListC with different dates

I want to make the sum of numbers of these positions:   S1 UH S2

then my formula will be:    =COUNTif(B6:B40;"S1")+COUNTif(B6:B40;"UH")+COUNTif(B6:B40;"S2") this is ok

but if I want X criteria (more than 10 for example):  =COUNTif(B6:B40;"UH")+COUNTif(B6:B40;"UV")+COUNTif(B6:B40;"S1")+COUNTif(B6:B40;"S2")+COUNTif(B6:B40;"DC");;;;; IT IS VERY LONG .....AND TAKE TIME

Is there no a formula like that :   =COUNT(FILTER(B6:B40 ; B:B="S1:S25")) ???? COUNT(FILTER(B6:B40 ; B:B=ListPos)) ??? not working to. ????

Merci a l'avance.
Thanks for your help in advance.


Have a look at the following screenshot:

In the above sheet I have the following formula in Cell D1:
=counta( iferror( filter( B6:B40; match(B6:B40;S1:S25;0) ) ) )

and the following formula in Cell E1:
=counta( iferror( filter( B6:B40; match(B6:B40;S1:S25;0) ) ) ) + counta( iferror( filter( B6:B40; match(B6:B40;T1:T25;0) ) ) )

and the following formula in Cell F1:

In the above formulas, I have assumed that you have you have the ListC in Column T (that is T1:T25) you can change the range as per your requirement.

And if you have given the range "S1:S25" name as "ListPos" then you can replace it in the above formula

I hope the above solution will help you, and if you need more help then please do comment below on this blog itself, I will try to help you out.

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