Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Group By Query


I have a spread sheet that has multiple entries for each user

user       *        1
JAY                 1
JOE       *         1
JOHN               1
JOHN     *         1
JOE       *          
STEVE  *         

Now I have two queries, one that counts the number of * in column 2 grouped by user and one that counts the number of 1's in column 3 grouped by user.  Is there a way to put both counts in the same query so you can build a table like:

user         *        1
JAY         0        1
JOE         2        1
JOHN       1        2
STEVE     1        0

If I try with the two queries I get:
JOE      2  JAY     1
JOHN   1   JOE     1
STEVE 1   JOHN   2

And that does not look good


Have a look at the screenshot below:

I have entered the data in Column A, B and C.

And then I have inserted the following formulas:
In Cell E1:
=query(A2:C;"select A,count(B),count(C) where A<>'' group by A label A'User',count(B) '*', count(C) '1'")

In Cell E7:
=query(arrayformula(if({1,0,0};A2:A;if({0,1,0};if(B2:B="*";1;"");C2:C)));"select Col1,count(Col2),count(Col3) where Col1<>'' group by Col1 label Col1'User',count(Col2) '*', count(Col3) '1'")

Formula in Cell E1 was not counting stars that is * , so I coded a new formula which is in Cell E7.

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