Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Calculate Date and Time Difference

Google Spreadsheet Calculate Date and Time Difference


(by Czar Augusto)

I'm trying subtract date+hour between two cells.

In one of the cells, i would like insert manually date and times values. In other cells i used the function =NOW which automatically insert values of date and time current.

How to achieve this using google spreadsheet?


Now, have a look at the following screenshot:

Here in the above sheet,

Cell B1 contains following formula:

Cell B2 contains following value:
6/1/2012 20:27:20

Now, put the following formula in Cell B5:
=rounddown(B1-B2) & " days, " & hour(B1-B2) & " hours, " & minute(B1-B2) & " minutes and " & second(B1-B2) & " seconds."

Or use the following formula:
=rounddown(B1-B2) & " days and " & time(hour(B1-B2);minute(B1-B2);second(B1-B2)) & " hours."

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