Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Copying Table from Google Spreadsheet


I tried to copy a table from Spreadsheet to Presentation. But the Boaders is lost. How to do? Actually, this happens in all google products. For example, from Spreadsheet to Gmail.


Copy your table from Google Spreadsheet:

And then if you directly paste it to Google Presentations then you are not going to get the borders, I think that's an issue with Copy Pasting data with many Cloud products.

Anyways here's the work around for your requirement, though its a bit lengthy process but you will get your results. So now, after copying data from Google Spreadsheet, paste it to the Microsoft Excel.

After pasting it to the MS Excel, again copy it from MS Excel, and now make a table in your Google Presentation. Table with one row and one column will also do, as it will auto increase the number of rows and columns according to the copied data from MS Excel.

 And now paste the data that you copied from MS Excel to the table that you created in Google Presentation.

Have a look at the screenshot below:

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