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Google Spreadsheet How to stack different columns using a formula or query.


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Using Mac 10.8.5, Chrome or Safari

I have a form that collects information for an entire family. We ask each participating member of the family the same information (rental of ski, size of shoe,...). Some of the members have to and some don't have to fill the information (they do not want the service). My problem is that the information of all the members of the same family is displayed in one line. With several families registering, I need to be able to cumulate the information about a specific service for the whole group (all the families).
I would like to be able to create a sheet pulling the information from the form, and placing the appropriate answers of the other member of the family underneath the first response, keeping the blanks if any, to match the names.
The sample worksheet is here with the expected results:

I tried many formulas, but really cannot find one that works. Anybody would have an idea how to stack results ?
Thank you


You will need to install script VMerge from Script Gallery.
Go to menu "Tools" > "Script gallery" and then search for "vmerge" and then install it.

Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet "Feuille 1":

Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet "Feuille 2":

In the above Sheet "Feuille 2" I have the following formula in Cell A1:
=vmerge( filter( 'Feuille 1'!A:H ; not( ('Feuille 1'!A:A="")*('Feuille 1'!B:B="")*('Feuille 1'!C:C="")*('Feuille 1'!D:D="")*('Feuille 1'!E:E="")*('Feuille 1'!E:E="")*('Feuille 1'!F:F="")*('Feuille 1'!H:H="") ) ) ; filter( 'Feuille 1'!I:P ; not( ('Feuille 1'!I:I="")*('Feuille 1'!J:J="")*('Feuille 1'!K:K="")*('Feuille 1'!L:L="")*('Feuille 1'!M:M="")*('Feuille 1'!N:N="")*('Feuille 1'!O:O="")*('Feuille 1'!P:P="") ) ) ; filter( 'Feuille 1'!Q:X ; not( ('Feuille 1'!Q:Q="")*('Feuille 1'!R:R="")*('Feuille 1'!S:S="")*('Feuille 1'!T:T="")*('Feuille 1'!U:U="")*('Feuille 1'!V:V="")*('Feuille 1'!W:W="")*('Feuille 1'!X:X="") ) ) ; filter( 'Feuille 1'!Y:AF ; not( ('Feuille 1'!Y:Y="")*('Feuille 1'!Z:Z="")*('Feuille 1'!AA:AA="")*('Feuille 1'!AB:AB="")*('Feuille 1'!AC:AC="")*('Feuille 1'!AD:AD="")*('Feuille 1'!AE:AE="")*('Feuille 1'!AF:AF="") ) ) )

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