Friday, October 4, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Compare between software version numbers


( by Spon4ik )

I need to compare between several version numbers with unusual decemas for integer values like 4.0.4 & 4.3.0
and also to be able to filter and display only the greatest or lowest version.
MIN/MAX doesn't see it as numbers, and doesn't work for me.
any suggestions?
I need help with a filtering and comparison between numbers as 3.2.5>2.4.3>2.2.6 etc
I need to display data in column A:A(model name) and B:B(firmware ver) while B:B = MAX (per model name in A:A)
I hope I wrote it's right.
thanks in advance!


Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet "rom comparison":

Have a look at the following screenshot of Sheet "New Sheet":

In the above sheet I have the following formula in Cell A1:
=query('rom comparison'!A2:F;"select A,max(F) where A<>'' group by A label max(F) 'Latest Version'")

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