Friday, August 9, 2013

Google Spreadsheet Countif in Non Continuous Range


( by Chaim janowski )


I'm a teacher trying to put together an attendance keeper. 

I am using an "A" to mark a student absent.
I'm trying to have a specific cell "X4" count the "A"s in a specific number of cells "B4,C4,E4,F4,I4,J4,M4,N4,P4,Q4,T4,U4".

The =countif code that I'm aware of seems to only allow me to count a range of cells that are in order but not jump around like I'm trying to do.

Thank you.
Windows/chrome browser


Have a look at the following screenshot of my Spreadsheet:

I have the following formula in Cell X4:

=countif(query(B4:U4;"select B,C,E,F,I,J,M,N,P,Q,T,U");"A")

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